Our list of services is customized to fit your property management needs, which keeps services cost-effective and efficient for you. We offer a free no obligation analysis of your property to evaluate your needs.

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By providing services focused on preserving, protecting, and increasing the value of your investment, Michael Baxter & Associates Property Management will maximize the value of your investment property.


Our Services Include:

  • Accounts Receivable / Payable: We conduct all core day-to-day financial functions: collecting rents and other tenant payments, monitoring current tenant status, preparing monthly financial statements, deposits, and ensuring on-time payment of vendor and utility expenses. (If these services are requested.)

  • Maintenance: We will provide or oversee regularly scheduled and preventative maintenance. We ensure that all jobs are completed with quality workmanship and in a timely manner.

  • Tenant Relations: We serve as a point of contact for tenants with questions or concerns. We are also the first line of communication for emergencies related to the physical structure.

  • Real Estate Services: As Northeast Pennsylvania’s and the Poconos’ leading commercial real estate agency, Michael Baxter & Associates Commercial Real Estate & Property Management has a unique perspective on current real estate market conditions. Our professionalism ensures the ability to keep your property competitive and profitable in the marketplace.


Why Hire a Property Manager?

Every investor has their own reason for seeking a professional property manager. Even the savviest investor can quickly become overwhelmed with the demand and time it takes to make their investment profitable. Here are some reasons an investor hires a property manager.

  • Day to Day Operations: This can be time consuming and a hassle. Dealing with late rent, maintenance, tenant complaints and the many other issues that arise can be frustrating. An efficient property manager can handle all of this with little to no involvement of the property owner. Having a property manager will free up your valuable time.

  • Billing and Collecting Rent: Why deal with excuses and personal reasons as to why rent is not paid. Having a professional property management company establishes routine billing and paying. Persistent follow-up on delinquencies and having systems in place to handle troublesome rent payers will be handled more easily. On-time rental payments are critical to cash flow.

  • Property Law and Lease Compliance: There are many laws and regulations by which the property owner will need to abide by; including local, state, and federal regulations. Enforcing these rules and regulations are important to running a solid and profitable investment. Tenant compliance to their lease agreement is a major factor in keeping their commitment to the owner.

  • Vacancies and Tenants: A vacant property can become extremely costly and one you want to avoid if possible. Finding quality tenants is important to protecting your investment. A property manager will have an application process and the resources available to obtain credit reports, criminal checks, landlord references and employment history.

  • Marketing: A property manager will have the experience needed for marketing and advertising your property in print media and online. They will have the knowledge and resources available for effectively marketing your property. Getting the most out of your advertising dollars is important to keeping these costs reasonable.

  • Network of professionals: A property manager will have access to professionals that can save you significant time and money on your rental property. Having reliable maintenance workers, tradesmen, vendors and contractors is important to successfully maintaining a rental property.

  • Inspections: Inspecting a property before and after a tenant moves in is extremely important. A property manager will have a procedure in place for a tenant to follow when it comes to move in/ move out and refund/ denial of security money.

  • Out of the area: It’s simply not possible for you to oversee management and maintenance of your rental property, if you are located out of state. A solution to this is to hire a reliable property manager. They can take care of all the details to which you don’t have access due to being a distance away. They can frequently check on the property for any issues that have not been reported by tenants.

  • Experience: Having dealt with multiple rental properties, a property manager has the experience and knowledge to handle all kinds of situations. They will have policies and procedures for resolving issues smoothly.

  • Tailor made to fit your needs: Our property management service can be customized to fit your needs. Through a selection of services we can keep management fees cost effective and service efficient.


If you have been considering hiring a property manager, live a distance away from your investment property, or have just been curious about the benefits of having a property manager, give us a call today. We will be happy to discuss your investment property and help your property reach its peak potential. Our property management professionals are here to work for you.